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Bengals Cats Canada Beautiful Bengal Cats and Kittens we ship Canada wide we are known for Health Beauty and loving personalities Since 2003 Wildforest Bengals has been providing Breeding Services, Pet And Animal Specialties in Alberta Canada . Wild forest Bengals is a small home cattery founded on the finest selection of Bengal cats Canada and worldwide. We breed SBT Bengals (many generations down from the Asian Leopard Cat). Our Wildforest Males and Female bengals have produced outstanding golden BSTs, Charcoals, and Snows. Our plans for 2017 include kittens from our champion lines. ‚Äč Our Vision Our Top priority is health/temperament, then pattern/type. "Without health/temperament one does not have a cat ? without a beautiful clear pattern/type one does not have a Bengal Bengals are set apart from other breeds by their intelligence, interactive personality, high energy, and exotic look. There is a beautiful variety of patterns and color, and we specialize in BSTs (brown spotted tabby). It's vitally important to us that when our kittens leave our cattery they are well socialized and healthy and placed in loving homes. Our kittens are raised with a optimum diet . bengals